Model DPRE4-4LB-6M
Operating Frequency band, MHz 50,5-55
Insertion loss (adjustable) not more, dB 1.5
Frequency separation TX/RX (min), MHz 0.5
Impedance, Ohm 50
Isolation, not less, dB 80
VSWR, not more than 1.3
Input power, not more than, W 300
Temperature Range, ?° C from -30 to +60
Cavity electrical length 1/4 ?

Mechanical specifications

Model DPRE4-4LB-6M
Diameter, mm (ins.) 116 (4")
Weight, kg 29
Connector N-female
Length/Width/Depth, mm 1900x280x230





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This full-size duplex filter is made according to all the instructions for the manufacturing of such kind of equipment. An aluminum case is welded in to minimize the losses. The cavity is made of high-quality copper for ensuring the high selective properties (Q-factor). The regulating screw is made of invar for good thermal stability. The absence of connector couplings decreases both the cost of duplexer and the losses in electrical contacts. All the contacts are soldered.

Our duplexer will make it possible to construct an amateur repeater with one common receiving-transmitting antenna and one feeder.