REaudio driver allow use RigExpert as a standard sound card and making possible operating digital modes with any sound card software. It was tested with MixW2, DigiPan, MMTTY, MMSSTV, MT63, STREAM,Logger32, Echolink, Hellschreiber, SKYPE.....
The driver works under Windows 2000/XP RigExpert S/D.
Supported functions: Audio in/out, CAT, PTT, CW, SSB.

For install driver click: and say run
Start MixW click "Configure" - "Sound device settings"
RigExpert with some programs for SoundCard require:
to make default sound card -"MixW RigExpert"
Go to Control panel.
Click " Sound and Audio Devices" and make changes .

MixW in REaudio mode.

"Port" - install COM8
"Baud rate" must be same as in your transceiver
(check in transceiver menu)

Go to "Configure" - TRCVR CAT/PTT
Click "Details"

Click scroll bar "Input" and choose "MixW RigExpert"
do the same with "Output".
Click OK.

Click scroll bar "Device"
choose"Computer soundcard"
REaudio - RigExpert S/D Like Virtual Sound Card
Install REaudio driver

1. Install REaudio driver
2. Tune Logger32

Tune Logger32
Setup for FT-1000MP.....
Setup sound card
PTT tune

start program MMTTY
click option - setup -misc

DeviceID install 1


start program MMSSTV
click option - setup -misc

DeviceID install 1