Mark "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click Next
Wizard will ask for driver search locations:

Please note:
for further install and tune RigExpert Tiny
with APRS programs
which require COM4 and COM5
we suggest for Tiny
create COM9 and COM10

To change new COMxx please go to:
"Control Panel" -
"Performance and Maintenance" -

To set a new port number
"MixW RigExpert Tiny Serial Port" (COM4 COM5)
click "Properties" click "Port Settings" 
and click "Advanced".
Select a new COM9 Port Number
Receive and Transmit (Bytes) - 512
click OK to accept new settings
and close all open windows.

For install RigExpert Tiny follow by three main steps:
1. Install driver for RigExpert Tiny
2. Config COM ports
3. Tune MixW program

Install RigExpert Tiny

Tick "Include this location in the search"
Browse way to folder with driver  (C:\........\Driver)
click Next to proceed

Wizard compliting install driver

Click Finish

Windows will find new hardware 3 times else please repeat all operations

Before to strat installation driver for RigExpert Tiny
please download RETDPD4 driver from site or CD in to prepared folder and extract to parent folder them

Plug in Tiny USB cable in to the PC USB socket. Windows detect a new device connected

Found New Hardware Wizard window will automatically open:

Tune MixW program
Config COM ports

"configure" - "Sound device settings"


Install driver for RigExpert Tiny
Mark "No, not this time" click Next
Tab "Hardware" - "Device Manager"
Choose Device - "Computer Sound Card"
clear box "Disabled"
Repeat all with COM5
Start MixW program
click OK
"CAT" - choose your transceiver company brand
"Model" - choose your transceiver model
"configure" - "TRCVR CAT/PTT "
click "Details" - " Port" - COM9
"Baud rate" - 4800
Please note: 
baud rate must be the same in program
and transceiver menu for CAT or CI-V
For tune PTT go to "Configure" "Secondary PTT/RTTY port"


Port: COM10
Baud rate: 9600
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1

Clear box: Disable device

Installation complete. Please restart program and start to use RigExpert and MixW